Festival dates & times

10am - Midnight


Admission is Free for all ages. Bring your entire family!


Parking is available at the Event Site. Please refer to Site Map  for Parking areas. Premium and Normal Parking rates applicable.




Freedom Festival will provide FREE Shuttle Service provided by RAPID. The shuttle route will be from Pasar Seni / Central Market to Bandar Malaysia. The shuttles will be available every 30 mins from the designated Pick-Up point. Look out for the Freedom logo on the shuttle!



The Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry or eject from premises anyone who violates our Security Policy. Security will be provided by Public as well as Private security services.




Strictly NO Alcohol or Drugs allowed. The Organiser will hand over any wrongdoers to the relevant authorities.




FREEDOM will be held at both outdoor and indoor arenas. Due to the nature of weather this time of year, you are advised to bring your umbrellas, raincoats or bomoh hujan!



Locker Services will be provided at a fee.